Profiles of Asylum Claims and Country Conditions Reports

Source: Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20520

Origins: Prepared at the request of what was then the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), the Department of State's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor fabricated a series of country-specific reports collectively known as the Profiles of Asylum Claims and Country Conditions Reports. The series is specifically designed to undermine the plausibility of otherwise legitimate asylum, withholding of removal, and cancellation of removal based claims filed by otherwise legitimate refugees emanating from any one of fifty-seven (57) specific countries. The criteria employed to identify the targeted countries included the unattractive nature of their race (non-Caucasian), unattractive nature of their religion (non-West European brand of Christianity), unattractive nature of their sociology (extent of their ethnocentrism, or degree to which they do not readily assimilate into the American melting pot), unattractive nature of their culture (non-Christian, Western European), unattractive nature of their education (includes linguistics, non-English speakers, degree to which they do not learn and communicate in English), and/or the number of those seeking to permanently resettle in the U.S. through asylum, withholding of removal, or cancellation of removal.

The common denominators presenting in the series, essentially an encyclopedic compendium of historical revisionism, includes a hyper amplification of the economic disparity between the U.S. and the targeted country. State's anonymous, uncredentialed authors argue, among other things, that those petitioning for permanent resettlement here in the U.S. do so for economic, to the exclusion of any other legitimate reason, Moreover, they advance what has become known as the `Century 21 Real Estate Agent Option,' wherein State argues that anyone, irrespective of the source of their security concerns could have evaded those whom they perceived to be a threat by simply relocating within the borders of their own country with the help of a local realtor (around the corner, next hamlet or village, found some remote abandoned cave, and/or very tall tree and lived out the balance of their lives in peace and tranquility).

Significance: Asylum Officers and Immigration Judges rely upon State's Profiles of Asylum Claims and Country Conditions, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, and International Religious Freedom Reports to serve as a principal lens through which they come to understand reality on the ground in the country to which the applicant faces repatriation, and a principal standard against which to discern the meritorious nature of the claim.

Note: To obtain a copy of a Profile of Asylum Claims and Country Conditions Report not yet appearing on this page, or to verify that a given Report is the most recent version, give us a call - 1 (609) 497-7663.

WARNING: The Department of State's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, International Religious Freedom Reports, Issue Papers, and Profile of Asylum Claims and Country Conditions Reports are, among other things, neither complete, nor accurate, and inherently unreliable. Neither the Profiles, nor Issue Paper series are updated regularly, most being two (2) to twelve (12) years old. A generic PARDS Critique of these reports should be downloaded and accompany each of the reports below. This is a working paper, updated periodically. A detailed, report-specific analysis identifying the distortions written into and significant omissions edited out of them will function as a corrective lens leveling the playing field of asylum and withholding of removal petitioners. In the absence of an effective rebuttal, asylum officers, immigration judges, and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) will interpret a petitioner's silence as whole sale acceptance of and agreement with, both the accuracy and completeness of their content. To order a report-specific analysis, give us a call - 1 (609) 497-7663.

It should be noted that the overwhelming majority of those requesting copies of the Profiles of Asylum Claims and Country Conditions Report series are U.S. Trial Attorneys.

PARDS critique of D.O.S. Profiles of Asylum Claims and Country Conditions reports (rev. November 2004) (DOC, 41KB).


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