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Agency: Political Asylum Research and Documentation Service (PARDS) is a private, New Jersey based (since 1993), internationally known and respected, research agency.

Mandatory (non-negotiable) Mandated Objectives: In context of all assistance requests involving a (prospective) petitioner for an immigration benefit - Objectively (non-predetermined, non-outcome driven) and authoritatively discern and document the truth regarding their credibility, claim plausibility and claim merit. At the sole discretion of the agency, said objectives can be accomplished, either independent of, and/or in consultation with an internationally known and respected country expert, and/or polygraph examination. [Applicable Billable Services: Prospective Petitioner Interviews; Pre-Filing Prospective Case Related Notes and Document Examination (full disclosure required); Pre-Filing Prospective Petitioner Credibility Assessments; Pre-Filing Prospective Claim Plausibility Assessments; Pre-Filing Prospective Claim Merit Assessments; Petitioner Interviews; Post-Filing Petitioner Credibility Assessments; Post-Filing Case Related Notes and Document Examination (full disclosure required); Post-Filing Claim Plausibility Assessments; Post-Filing Claim Merit Assessments].

We satisfy the deadline sensitive research needs of a diverse, U.S. and foreign (non-U.S.) based clientele. Said needs are a supplement to the agency mandated objectives in context of one, either contemplating, or actively pursing an immigration benefit. All agency associate and expert activities and work products are informed by, consistent with and reflect the letter, spirit and intent of the agency mandate, provided per specific agency terms and conditions of service, policies and procedures.

Clientele: U.S. and foreign (non-U.S.) based, (a) pro se and represented, non-detained and detained, prospective and current petitioners for Asylum, Withholding of Removal pursuant to Article 3 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture (CAT), Deferral of Removal, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), 601A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers, Humanitarian Parole, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA), Deferral of Removal, Cancellation of Removal, National Interest Waivers, etc. and (b) their diligent (non-minimalist), ethical and professional attorneys (immigration and non-immigration specialists), or designated representatives; (c) Paralegals and law office support staff; (d) Governmental agencies; (e) Non-governmental organizations (NGOs); (f) Law school immigration clinic student participants, support staff and their clients; (g) Country experts (expert witnesses); (h) Researchers; (i) Academics; (j) Businesses; and (k) Media (print and electronic).

Prior to hiring a given attorney or law office and so as to ensure eligibility to both solicit and derive benefits from agency assistance, consult our current `Attorney Do Not Call, Will Not Assist List.' Said `List' identifies specific individuals NOT eligible, either to solicit assistance, or derive benefits, either from PARDS, its associates, or hundreds of internationally known and respected country experts. Selection of the wrong attorney, and/or law office may subvert your ability to timely satisfy, either a deadline sensitive research or filing deadline, and/or long term immigration objective including, but not necessarily limited to, a relief-specific, government mandated requirement.

Client status is a revocable privilege, rather than a right. Revocation of client status for cause (e.g. criminal activity, unethical or unprofessional conduct, breach of contract, violation of the terms and conditions of service, policies, and/or procedures etc.) shall be at the sole discretion of the agency. Engaging in activities of this nature constitutes client final notice/order to the agency, its associates and experts to immediately suspend all work and terminate the business relationship, and an unconditional, non-revocable, comprehensive performance, liability, confidentiality and refund waiver. In context of an offending attorney or law office, said termination affects not merely the instant, but all other outstanding assistance requests emanating from same.

Solicitation of agency assistance constitutes acknowledgment of familiarity with, understanding and unconditional acceptance of the non-negotiable primacy of the agency mandate, letter, spirit and intent of all terms and conditions of service, policies and procedures, and agreement to be held to an elevated standard of diligence, ethics and professionalism by the agency. 

Legal Advice and Representation: No information emanating, either from this agency, its subsidiaries, associates, experts, web sites, or publications is intended, does not constitute, and should therefore not be interpreted as legal advice. PARDS is a supplement to, neither staffed by, nor a substitute for, a competent (relative to the specific benefit(s) being contemplated/sought), diligent (non-minimalist; timely), ethical and professional (per bar licensing authority, ABA, EOIR and PARDS agency standards) immigration attorney. If you have not yet identified and hired an immigration attorney, PARDS can, either refer you to one, and/or provide you with a consumer tutorial on how to identify one.   


Political Asylum Research and Documentation Service (PARDS)

Political Asylum Research
& Documentation Service (PARDS)

Phone: 1 (609) 945-1802 (24/7/365 Client Access)

* To receive a non-English translation of any document on this Web site, contact the agency.
** [I] Pre-Filing Prospective Petitioner Credibility and Claim Merit Plausibility Assessments; [II] Post-Filing Petitioner Credibility and Claim Merit Plausibility Assessments; [III] Claim Preparation; [IV] Country-Specific, Claim-Relevant Documentation; [V] Access to Internationally Known and Respected Country Experts with Claim-Relevant Competencies: [V.A] Expert Credentials Verification, [V.B] Country Briefing Consultations, [5.C] Written, Claim-Specific Critiques (affidavits), [5.D] Subject-Specific Documentation, [5.E] Telephonic Testimony, [5.F] In-Person Testimony, [5.G] In-Country Research, [5.H] Claim-Relevant Documentation from their Unique Sources; [VI] PARDS Report-Specific Source, Accuracy, Completeness and Reliability Assessments: [VI.A] U.S. Department of State [VI.A.1] Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, [VI.A.2] International Religious Freedom Reports, [VI.A.3] Profiles of Asylum Claims and Country Conditions Reports, [VI.A.4] Issue Papers; and [V.A.5] U.S. Embassy/Consulate based Fraud Prevention Investigator `Reports of Investigation' Asserting Document Fraud, together with a Supplementary Country-Specific and Questioned Document Examiner (QDE) Credentials/Competency Assessment of the Author(s), [VI.B] Forensics Document Laboratory (FDL) `Reports of Investigation' Asserting Document Fraud, together with a Supplementary Country-Specific and Questioned Document Examiner (QDE) Credentials/Competency Assessment of the Author(s), [VI.C] USCIS/ICE Reports of Investigation Asserting a form of Fraud or a Violation of Nationl Law, Religious or Ethnic Custom, Norm, or Tradition, together with a Supplementary Country/Subject-Specific Credentials/Competency Assessment of the Author(s); [VII] Lawyer Referral; [VIII] Lawyer Mentor Referral; [IX] Foreign Legal Research (legislation, laws, policies, decrees); [X] Translation (typed text, non-English to English); [XI] PARDS Consumer Focused Tutorials .

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