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    Political Asylum Research and Documentation Service (PARDS)

    Political Asylum Research
    and Documentation Service (PARDS) LLC

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 667
    Princeton, New Jersey 08542

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    Phone: 1 (609) 497-7663
    Email: politicalasylum@gmail.com

    * To receive a non-English translation of any document on this Web site, call 1 (609) 497-7663
    ** Country- and Issue-Specific Experts: Claim Merit Assessments; Petitioner Interviews and Credibility Assessments; Affidavits; Declarations; Telephonic and In-Person Testimony; In-Country Research; Claim-Relevant Documentation; Foreign Agency and Non-Governmental Organization Issued Document Authentication; Identify and Correct the Distortions Written into and Significant Omissions Edited Out of U.S. Department of State Country Reports, Profiles of Asylum Claims, and International Religious Freedom Reports.

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