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10 Best Sites Like Omegle – Omegle Alternatives

Sites like Omegle : Online video chat is fun, Since the evolution of Yahoo chat rooms,more people got interested in finding out the best websites to meet strangers.Fortunately, Omegle is one of those Video Chat Online site which let’s you connect and talk to strangers. Now a days more websites are coming into action,with neat design. More people are interested in finding alternates for omegle because they are fed up of bots and fake users.If you are one of the fed up user don’t worry i have made a list of Omegle Alternatives in this blog post.If you are looking for “sites like omegle” this post will help you.So let’s see “10 Best Sites like Omegle – Omegle Alternative” (or) Free video cam Chat Rooms (or) sites like omegle

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sites like omegle

Sites Like Omegle (or) Omegle Alternatives

ChatrouletteUSA12,000,000February 26, 2010
ChatrandomUSA10,000,000January 19, 2010
BazooCamFrance/USA2,620,000March 31, 2010
CamzapUSA1,000,000October 17, 2006
TinyChatUSA2,000,000March 04, 2000
ShagleUSA2,500,000March 20, 2012
FaceflowUSA/UK1,000,000February 11,2010
RandomSkipUSA800,000March 14, 2008
StrangerMeetup USA500,000October 21, 2009
CamStumble USA300,000January 21, 2012

1 . Chatroulette

Chatroulette is the best alternate to omegle,Because it respects everyone’s privacy and can’t access chatroulette unless you sign up and verify your mobile no. and there are no creeps like omegle,Chatroulette takes instant action on those people who break their guidelines.Plus it has geoIP filters,which detects where the person is from,There is no place for spammers and scammers

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2 . TinyChat

Tinychat is mostly used by nerds,it’s like modern yahoo messenger video chat,Tinychat has groups on every niche,like games,religion,country based etc.You can even access tinychat using facebook and can invite your friends with the given link.Be nice to the people in the groups or get ready to be banned just like Yahoo messenger chat rooms.

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Although camfrog is an old messenger, but it’s one of the best messenger, it was made in competition to yahoo, After Yahoo discontinued the Chatroom option. Most of the people migrated to camfrog. However, Camfrog has token system which means unless you upgrade yourself to premium membership you can have limited features.


Bazoocam is a french website, which let’s you chat with strangers.Like chatroulette Bazoocam also has filters that detects geographical location based on IP’s and it takes instant action on people who misbehave like doing nasty stuff.


Chatrandom is exact clone of yahoo messenger‘s chat room,There are various groups where you can find people from different countries,and the main feed is exactly designed as yahoo.
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I’ve stumbled upon camzap while searching for Omegle‘s alternate, You can zap people if you’d wish not to talk to them.

7. Shagle

Shagle is one of the best websites when it comes to sites like omegle or Omegle Alternative sites, Shagle has inbuilt filters to select the gender and country you would like to talk with, It also has advance technology which keeps bots away from the site.

Disclaimer : Do not share information (or) anything related to your personal life with strangers.

Additional Sites :

FaceFlow : Faceflow is yet another sites like omegle,the main features of faceflow are Text Chat,Video Chat,Group Chats.This Platform is similar to TinyChat
RandomSkip : RandomSkip is yet another sites like omegle which lets you video call without registering.But be safe there are hundreds of perverts there.
StrangerMeetup : Stranger Meetup is a site that only allows text chat,and also you can talk with users anonymously
CamStumble : Yet another video chatting site,Most people visit camstuble from UAE,INDIA,US
So,These are some sites like omegle.I Will keep updating this post with new websites.

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