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What is Backpage ? Why was it Shutdown ?

Backpage was one of the most visited website until April 2017, When FBI took control of the site and shut down due to the reports of child trafficking on the website. It was estimated that the site received about 500 million page views every month and about 300 million unique users every month.

What is (was) Backpage ?

Backpage was a classifieds ads website, just like tons of other classified websites. But, the only reason it attracted millions of users was the personals section where you can post about anything, this was the adult section and ever since they introduced, hundreds and thousands of users started using the website to post ads and find partners for one night stands and hookups.

There were only two major sites that allowed posting adult classified ads seeking for dating and other stuff. One being Craigslist and the other being Backpage. However, Backpage was indirectly involved in promoting prostitution on it’s website which is illegal in the United States. After Backlash, In January 2017 Backpage removed the controversial sections and only kept “massages” and “women seeking men” and soon those sections were filled with escort ads soon after the removal.

Hundreds of sex workers who used to work on Backpage moved their ads to “massages” and “w4m” section and backpage was fully aware of this.

Why was it Shutdown ?

On April 8, 2018. Backpage was shutdown and FBI took control of the domain name and seized it. The reason being, the CEO of the website was indirectly allowed and encouraged Child sex trafficking on the website.

After FBI Found the enough evidence, the CEO admitted himself and plead guilty of to “charges of facilitating prostitution and money laundering

Are there any Alternates to Backpage ?

There are backpage alternatives where you can meet people for dating. However, you can use dating sites to meet people if you are looking for hookups and stuff.

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